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Date: Mon Dec 18 2000 - 15:34:28 PST

Try _The Woman Who Loved Reindeer_ by Meredith Ann Pierce. It's a more
fantasy novel set in a fictional, but cold climate.

At 04:36 PM 12/18/00 -0500, you wrote:
>hello! i'm trying to find good books about cold places -i mean fictional
>novels, not travel guides, etc. - does anyone know any good books set in
>cold climates such as scandinavia, siberia, newfoundland, alaska, etc., or
>even sci-fi-type cold places such as are found in ursula k. leguin's _left
>hand of darkness_?(even if a place doesn't seem especially cold to you,
>chances are it would to me, a southerner from virginia, where we panic if
>there's a half-inch of snow, so take nothing for granted:) i love
>science-fiction, and books set in cold places are like
>real-world-science-fiction to me, b/c i can't imagine living somewhere
>where it snows more than a foot high!:) and of course winter is the best
>season to read these kinds of books... some of the novels i've found so
>far are _smilla's sense of snow_(set in greenland and denmark), _the
>greenlanders_(by jane smiley), and _the shipping news_(set in
>newfoundland), and then of course there's _julie of the wolves_...
>take care,
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