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Date: Wed Nov 29 2000 - 20:39:15 PST

At 10:42 PM 11/29/00 -0500, you wrote:
>ok, so i haven't actually watched xena since college, but is it true she's
>really going off the air?!?:-( when/what channel is the final episode on?

      I just heard recently that this is the last season for Xena. I just
started watching it on Sc-Fi in the past few months. I have no idea about
the final episode. I would guess it would be on whatever channel in your
area syndicates the show. I think where I live, it's on very late at night.

>also, does anyone know anything about the new "dune" miniseries that's
>premiering this sunday, dec.3(sci-fi channel at 9, i think)? who's in it
>besides william hurt? how many nights does it last? thanks!
>take care,

      Most of the people in the Dune miniseries are pretty much unknown. I
think I've only heard of maybe two or three of them. The Sci-Fi Channel's
web page has a lot of info about it. It's on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday
night for two hours each night. I'm excited to see it, even though the
director seems like a total Dune snob (he thinks Dune is far superior to
all other SF works; I just think he hasn't read a good SF book in a long time).

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