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The best place to look for this kind of stuff is, the
Internet Movie Database. Pretty cool site- the guy was
Darren E. Burrows

On Mon, 27 Nov 2000 22:37:57 EST, wrote:

> hello! here's a question totally, absolutely, and completely unrelated to

> robin (however, having said that, i'm sure someone will find some way to
> connect it to robin:) that i nonetheless feel justified in asking since
> list has been so quiet lately: could someone please tell me the real name
> the actor who played "ed" on northern exposure(they don't list the
> characters' names next to the actors' names in the credits)? also, has
> seen the tv show "the visitor" - which just happens to star john
> played chris on northern exposure)? thanks!
> take care
> cameron
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