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>hello! i was just wondering which of patricia mckillip's books you all
>enjoyed/what the ones you liked were about? (the only one i've read so far is
>_winter rose_, but i'm just starting _the book of atrix wolfe_) thanks!
>take care,

      Hi, I'm new and haven't introduced myself yet. My name is Jennifer
and I'm 26. I've been reading Robin McKinley's books since I was 13, but
for a long time the only books I could get my hands on were The Hero and
the Crown, The Blue Sword, and Beauty, so those were the only ones I had
read (this was before I moved to a much bigger city). This year, I read
Deerskin and Rose Daughter and I reread Beauty. I'm going to reread Hero
and Sword soon too and I have The Outlaws of Sherwood and The Door in the
Hedge to read too. Plus, my library system has the rest of Robin's books,
so I'll be reading all of them soon enough.
     In regards to Patricia McKillip, I've only read Moon-Flash and The
Moon and the Face so far, but I have The Forgotten Beasts of Eld and the
Riddlemaster Trilogy. I might not get to read them soon though. The Moon
books were pretty good and I'd recommend them, but they are SF not fantasy.

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