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> is patricia mckillip's riddlemaster series any good? are there any really
> good riddles in it?:-)

I read this recently, and found it thoroughly addictive. I couldn't put
it down - though I don't think it's a set that I'll re-read. But the
story is very carefully woven (even if I did guess the ending, drat it
> a long time ago, someone mentioned that one of the redwall books has either
> riddles or mazes or labyrinths in it(it doesn't matter to me which one it
> actually has, b/c i'm interested in all three!) so anyway, does anyone know
> which of the books in the redwall series contains this? thanks!

Let's see. I think all the Redwall books have SOME of that element in
them. Though the first one (_Redwall_) is probably the most inundated
with them... If you'd like synopses without standing in the
library/bookstore for an hour, try I've found
the site exceedingly helpful and interesting. If you haven't read any of
the Redwall books, you are in for something wonderful. Any other fans of
the series on the list?

--Willow, up to Marlfox

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 This is broadly true. But Heaven has the best choreographers."
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