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<< I just received this from Books of Wonder, the store where Robin was to
 appear this weekend.
>To our loyal customers:
>We regret to inform you that Robin McKinley, author of Spindle's End,
>will not be in attendance for the Newbery Award Winning Fantasy Author
>Signing on Saturday, September 16th due to illness.
>However, we are pleased to confirm that both Lloyd Alexander and Susan
>Cooper will be at our store from Noon to 2:00 pm. as scheduled, so try
>to join us. We look forward to seeing you there.
 It doesn't specify who's ill, but I suspect it's more likely to be Peter
 (Robin's husband, who's 73) than Robin herself, and it's rather alarming
 that it's serious enough to prevent her from making the trip.

You would suspect wrong. Robin has a very bad flu and was truly not up to a
grueling US trip. Peter, on the other hand, is fine. (And still 72.) sdn

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