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Date: Mon Sep 04 2000 - 19:32:55 PDT

oops! here're two more robin resources i forgot to add:

_writers for children: critical studies of major authors since the
seventeenth century_, ed. jane bingham. - robin has some (somewhat critical?)
things to say about tolkien in this book - i think what she wrote about him
may have been sent out to this list in the past...

_children's literature in education, 23.3_, has an essay by anna e. altmann,
"welding brass tits on the armor: an examination of the quest metaphor in
robin mckinley's _the hero and the crown_" (contrary to what the title of the
essay implies, the essay is actually in defense or robin; the essay is also
alluded to in _presenting young adult fantasy fiction_, which i mentioned on
my last list...)

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