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From: <>
Date: Mon Aug 28 2000 - 19:11:02 PDT

hi! as i said before, hopefully i'll be able to to go to ny to see Robin if i
can find anyone to drive up there with me - if i go i'll try to take
pictures, but i don't have the capability to send pix over email, so i could
snail mail them to someone whose computer does have the capability to email
them...but of course this is all hypothetical since i may not even be able to
see her in the first place... if i can't go see her/get pictures, though, i
do have two older pictures of her that i xeroxed from some of those reference
books like _something about the author_, etc., so if people are really
desperate to know what she looks like i could mail those pictures to someone
who could email them to this list or post them somewhere, or would that be
violating copyright...?

take care,
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