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From: Morgan O.Hanzlik <>
Date: Mon Aug 28 2000 - 11:55:30 PDT

Is there someone who is planning on going? It would be really cool if they
could bring a camera and post the pictures on this e-mail. I would really
like to meet all three authors, and it sounds like all of us would like to be
there. Maybe we could implore Robin to hold an on-line question and answer
session so we could all 'meet' her. So, who's able to go to New York?

"alexandra kollontai" <> wrote:
> >I found Books of Wonder's website (, and it says
> >Robin will be part of a "Newbery-Award-winning fantasy author event" along
> >with Susan Cooper (author of _The Dark Is Rising_ and _The Grey King_,
> >mentioned in "A Knot in the Grain") and Lloyd Alexander. Each of them will
> >give a short reading, answer questions, and sign autographs.
> If only I had the time off of work and the money to drive to New York!!!
> I'd love to see Robin...along with Lloyd Alexander. Hopefully this will
> move cross country (like Chicago??!)
> Rachel in Indy
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