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From: Wanda f Vaughn <>
Date: Sat Jul 22 2000 - 21:11:55 PDT

All right, here goes. I gleaned this list of words from The Blue Sword.
Did I leave anything out?? :o) Wanda
p.s. The description of malak makes me wish there was such a beverage-
something that tastes as good as it smells (unlike coffee!)

orobog- desert hare
dundi- horned beast
fleek- animals that look like hares and taste like duck
britti- a song bird
korf- I think this is a grain like wheat
ilpin tree- a tree with broad leaves
torthuk- a blue evergreen
pimchie- pink and white flowers
jictal seeds- make a spicy mustard
derth- a hill herb
nimbing- a cooking spice made of crushed berries
korim- name of an herb, also name of the salve made of that herb to cause
 permanent scarring. literal meaning is "forever".
sorgunal -a gray powdered stimulant
zotar- the king's tent
barkash- a smaller tent
pituin- stable tents
dalgut- cheap tent- an insult
tari- a one man tent
baga- butcher
kysin- an official of the laprun trials
laprun-minta - winner of the laprun trials
damalur-sol - lady hero
billitu- a lady lover
disi- a silly child
filanon- people of the trees
dilbadi- wandering tinkers
thidik- half-North, an insult worthy of death if given to Hillfolk
churakak- a duel of honor
kaftpa- small traditional cakes thrown at a Hill wedding. Thought to be
good luck to those who catch and eat them.
Nalan- a line of horses meaning "faithful"
Golkonoth- stone- one of Corlath's family names
Tudorsond-scarred hand- another of Corlath's family names
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