Re: McKinley: OT: Harry Potter

From: Wanda f Vaughn <>
Date: Fri Jul 14 2000 - 21:08:44 PDT

Hi all,
Thought I'd put my opinion in, too. I've enjoyed the Harry Potter series
so far. I find Harry and his friend's to be amusing. I also enjoy
watching him "grow up." Of course, any good series that gets kids
excited about READING a book is good news to me.(No, I don't put the
Goosebump series in with that. ugh.)
   I'm finding the reaction to the series is most interesting within my
church group. Some are dead set against it, and some are fine with it.
I'm surprised to see such a difference here with this group.
   Enough of that, though. I had a question. Someone mentioned a book
by Ann McCaffrey's son. What was it called? I just finished reading the
Ship Who Sang and all the books in that series. Every now and then I
feel like reading sci-fi.

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