McKinley: SPOILERS: random responses to S. END posts

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Date: Fri Jun 16 2000 - 11:17:31 PDT

Morgan - I kept thinking that, somehow, Peony had been the princess all
along. It was a neat ending, but I didn't quite understand HOW she did it.
But, hey, it *is* a fairy tale...

Sarah - true, the sentences were a bit involved, but I only had to reread a
couple. As for tightening (shortening) it up... one should only make a
McKinley story longer, never shorter; IMHO, her short stories all beg to be
lengthened and filled out.

Cameron - loved Narl (who reminded me of the Beast in RD a little), didn't
like Rowland (too Prince Charmingish), loved Rosie, the perfect antiprincess
and Katriona and her desperate wish to comfort a cursed princess that got her
up and into trouble before she knew what she was doing.

Rachel - I totally agree about Katriona. I'd love to have had more of her and
less of Peony <grin> Never did like those too-too-perfect girls...

Anyone who hasn't gone to Robin's official web site
(if there is such another dolt on here...)

Should go RIGHT NOW!! It's a wonderful site, filled with things written about
Robin by Robin, book excerpts, a bibliography, book ordering info, and all
kinds of other stuff. I just went to it this morning (after being up until
0230 with SE and wanting still more Robin...) and I loved it. The description
of selling her house and the way she felt afterwards was very familiar to me
and a lot of her life sounded like stuff I went through as a child (moved a
lot, early reader, loved and tried to be A Little Princess... etc. etc.).
Check it out!!!


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