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Comments on Sarah's post to follow below....and if you haven't read the new
book yet, read it soon! I know it's expensive...maybe it's cheap on ebay??

Sarah wrote:
>The book could have used another phase of editing to tighten eveything up,
>including moving the frame of the story a little, as all the action happens
>just the last 50-100 pages or so. I kept waiting and waiting as I got
>and nearer the end.

I finished last night, and although I agree that all the action happened in
the last 50-100 pages, I think it was okay. Besides the battle, I was
reminded of _Beauty_, which never really had much in the way of action, but
was wonderful anyway. and I think this is just as good. Of Robin's newer
work, I liked _Rose Daughter_, but I liked _Spindle's End_ much more. I
think I kept comparing _Rose Daughter_ to _Beauty_, although they are almost

Also, I felt that _sword_ was also fairly slow until Hari was kidnapped by
Corlath. All the description of the sand and the boring nature of the
outpost put me off, the first time I read it when 12. I love reading it
now, of course, as it's background and explanation for some of the rest of
the story. sword is still my favorite.

I agree that the ending battle with Pernicia reminded me of Hero; but on the
other hand, talking to the animals was new, and I liked it. I agree with
whoever said that I didn't expect Peony to become the princess, or for Rosie
to be able to stay with Narl. The ending was surprising. But good. I
think that I just liked Rosie's character.

I will say, that I thought that Katriona's character development really
began to slow after Rosie became older, this probably was meant to put more
attention on Rosie, but I felt like she became a faceless character after
she had been someone pretty well established. I know she married Barder and
all, and had kids, but it still felt like someone who had been a major
player suddenly wasn't. Maybe it's just me.

Waiting to hear everyone else's is so good to know that I'm
not the only person in the world who has read everything of Robin's and
loves it all!!

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