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Date: Sun Jun 11 2000 - 20:12:22 PDT

now that you mention it, i would think of spindle's end as being set farther
back in time than the blue sword, too...i don't recall any specific
references in spindle's end to modern technology, such as those to guns in
the blue sword, either. btw, i didn't mean to imply that spindle's end is set
in damar - robin only ever calls the setting of spindle's end "that country,"
though one of its neighboring countries is called "erlion"(that's where
rowland is from). maybe "that country" is in a more isolated location than
damar, so they don't have as much contact with "homelanders" and their modern
technology? the nature of magic in "that country" is also distinct from the
nature of damarian magic, and seems it might be even more likely to interfere
with advanced weaponry(guns and such) than damarian magic is...only robin
knows for sure, though:)

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