Re: McKinley: SPINDLE'S END-spiolers!

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Date: Fri Jun 09 2000 - 20:14:41 PDT

i just finished _spindle's end_, too, and although i didn't enjoy it as much
as robin's previous books, i did enjoy one of the main characters - Narl the
blacksmith. Narl could give Luthe and Tor and Corlath a run for their money,
even if he is the strong, silent type - which i usually don't go for. for
some reason i feel that i know him well/that he is real to me, even though he
has so little dialogue in the book. (he has warmth and a good sense of humor,
even if he is silent so much of the timej!:) what do those of you who've
finished the book think of him? who are some of your other favorite
characters from spindle's end?

take care,
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