McKinley: Sci-Fi, Fantasy and the WB

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Date: Thu Jun 08 2000 - 14:47:10 PDT wrote:
when do Farscape and Roswell come on? are they both on the WB? what is
Roswell about?

Well, to first answer the question, Farscape comes on 8pm Fridays on the SciFi
channel. Roswell is Mondays at 9pm on the WB.

Roswell is about four alien "teens" who don't know where they're from, or who
they *really* are, except that they are, indeed, alien--not human. However,
they do *look* human, and have some human traits as well. being orphans in
the state of New Mexico, they are placed with foster parents in UFO city
Roswell, NM. Max & Isabel are siblings, Michael their friend/fellow alien,
the former two living with foster parents (I believe) and Michael on his
own??? (I haven't been able to keep up until cable hookup only
started again earlier this year--missed all of the fall, some of winter). Max
saves the life of local girl Liz, and thus the race is on to hide the secrets
from townspeople and the government. Some of this may be wrong/outdated/vague
information...but I think this sets it up pretty well.

All that being said, I do enjoy Roswell, and I'm an avid Buffy & Angel fan. I
don't catch Thursday night tv too often, so I haven't watched Charmed in a
while. Farscape is really cool...the black & white gothesque gal on there is
gorgeous...I want to look like that!(almost...tough to stay employed,
though)...Otherwise, I can't think of too many shows which I go out of my way
to watch if I can...


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