McKinley: Spindle's End in NZ?

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Date: Wed May 24 2000 - 21:52:00 PDT

Hi, all!

I'm in a Robin-related quandry that I was hoping you folks might be able to
help me with. I leave for New Zealand on Monday, and I'm going to be there
a month. I really, really want to read Spindle's End, naturally! I don't
want to bring it as plane reading for the way there, because I know I won't
want to get rid of it and I don't really have space to haul it around NZ for
a month (I'm packing in a framepack). So, I thought I'd buy it in NZ and
read it on my way back (if I can wait that long!). Which is where my
question comes in- does anyone know if it will be in NZ bookstores by late
June, or know where I might look for that information? I don't know much
about release dates in various countries; and I know the bookstores around me
haven't gotten it yet.

Anyways, if anyone knows that'd be great! If it won't be available, I might
just have to picket B&N 'til they cough up a copy, and just deal with
carrying it around.

Thanks, everyone!

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