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Date: Wed Apr 12 2000 - 10:51:56 PDT wrote:
I kinda got the sense that he was actually in "awe" of her. Because, even
though she didn't realize it, he knew how powerful she is. He taught her, but

he probably felt like the student teaching the teacher. That's my
interpretation of his awkwardness around her, anyway.

I think a person can love many times in her life, and each love is different

and special in it's own way.

Exactly...Luthe never advertised himself as the Grand High Poobah of
magery...he recognized his own lack of talent...Agsded "sparkled", and Aerin's
mother was very competent, though lacking imagination. Luthe knows he can't
go up against Agsded...

And Tor "vs." Luthe? Why? Tor has her for her mortal life, Luthe and she
probably have something that moves on past a love relationship to a deep
friendship...she didn't seem dead or alive in TBS, but beyond the world of
Corlath & Harry...Tor and Luthe both connect deeply with her for different
reasons...Anyhow, I just never had a problem with Luthe, or with Tor, or with
either/both of them loving reflects that whole dual heritage


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