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From: Katya <>
Date: Tue Apr 04 2000 - 11:13:24 PDT

> I guess that I thought that the surka/dragon's heart was the real
> hero's crown, not the one that Agsded had. Not sure where I got that
> one from either.

>I did like the idea that Aerin's mother might have forged the Crown way
>back when. I think I got that idea from my overfertile imagination.

well, the goddess Aerinha forged the Hero's crown, and Aerin was named for her
mother, Aerin...not so overfertile of an imagination...

> > *past*) in the City, in the blue garden with Narknon. As for the crown,
she was always worthy of it, and had everything she needed to inherit
Damar...Agsded had the crown, but Aerin did have what it took to defeat him by
her own power and her own intelligence.
>I have to say that intelligence was not obviously present in that fight. Or
if it was, it was Gonturan's intelligence guiding Aerin's power.

I meant using the surka wreath...Luthe says that he may have to give Aerin the
mage mark due to how much she has learnt from him...


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