McKinley: Re: Harry Potter

From: Sarah Imholt <>
Date: Mon Apr 03 2000 - 13:13:16 PDT

ShanChan <> wrote:
what do you all think of the Harry Potter books? Pretty
great, although the third one was a bit overdone. She needs to get rid of
that mean proffessor, he's just getting boring.

Really? I thought the third one was the best so far. It had more substance
to it and dealt with serious issues, whereas the first two were more flimsy,
fun type books. I am wondering how she is going to keep this up for 7 books
without getting too repetitive. She will really have to show Harry growing up
and going through adolescence. I am getting tired of that Professor Snape
guy-he needs a piano to fall on his head or something.

I don't know about the HP movie though. Great kid's book does not always
equal great movie. I guess Spielberg passed on it?


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