Re: McKinley: rose daughter

From: wanda f vaughn <>
Date: Thu Mar 23 2000 - 17:11:19 PST

   I'll put my two cents in, also. I always thought that "Beauty" was a
down to earth, practical retelling of the fairy tale. I perceived "Rose
Daughter" as kind of ethereal and above us all. Maybe the fact that
Robin had her idea to rewrite the story while flying on an airplane has
something to do with it? :o)
  I enjoyed "Beauty" much more than "Rose Daughter".
   By the way, I also found "Deerskin" a little odd in places. It's such
a -what's the word that I'm looking for?- "dark"? tale that I've only
read it about two times compared to the numerous times I've read "Blue
Sword" and "Hero".
   I think that it's kind of funny that this topic should come up. Just
last week I asked the new youth services librarian at our local library
if she had ever read any McKinley. I was shocked at her denial! I
steered her right to "Beauty" and told her I expected a review of it next
week. :o) I'll point her to "Blue Sword" next!

Wanda Vaughn
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