Re: McKinley: rose daughter (ugh!)

From: Amy Anderson <>
Date: Thu Mar 23 2000 - 16:31:57 PST

I totally AGREE!!!! I thought that I was only one and was just afraid to voice my opinion on the subject. It is no where as good as her other books.

>i'm probably going to get a lot of people angry on this list by the time
>you're done reading this message :)....
>i just finished reading "rose daughter" and, as my friend best expressed when
>i read her a particularly...*ahem* strange passage, WHAT THE HELL WAS ROBIN
>SMOKING?! hehhehee. ok. but seriously, that must have been one of her
>weirdest books. does anyone agree with me? or am i just going to get a whole
>lotta angry emails in my inbox?

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