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Have to agree with Katya there, I don't remember anything that would lead
the reader to the idea that Aerin made the crown.
My sister had her 7th (or 8th?) grade class read the book, and then everyone
made puppets so they could act out the story. All the kids really enjoyed
the book, she said.

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> Are you sure? I've read the book several times, and I always have
> this: Aerin and Agsded fight in the future ("I really was a long time
> climbing?" she asks Luthe) and Aerin continues to go forward in time as
> tower/crag falls (And I really was a very long time falling?). Luthe
> her that he thought she might like being dragged back (from the future)
> save Damar from the Northerners. It is the future, because she sees her
> distant descendant Harry (The Blue Sword, where Aerin is a legend from
> *past*) in the City, in the blue garden with Narknon. As for the crown,
> was always worthy of it, and had everything she needed to inherit
> Damar...Agsded had the crown, but Aerin did have what it took to defeat
him by
> her own power and her own intelligence.
> Just my two cent's worth.
> Katya
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