Re: McKinley: spindle's end

From: Katherine Hartsough <>
Date: Tue Mar 14 2000 - 01:05:24 PST

I love that story so much! It is incredibly beautiful and moving.
Sometimes short stories pack more emotional punch than whole novels, because
they encapsulate so much emotion in so few words (that is, if it's good).
Another one that I found rather haunting and beautiful in one of the Fantasy
and Horror anthologies was Lady of Skulls by Patricia McKillip. I highly
recommend it, though I don't particularly recommend the anthologies as a
whole, since I usually only find 2 or 3 stories that I really like, and why
do the horror and fantasy have to be mixed together anyway? Also on
McKillip, she has a new book coming out in May like McKinley's, which she
was apparently inspired to write while listening to the Lady of Shallott
done by Loreena McKennit. I've pre-ordered both, and I can't wait until
May, especially since school will be out for the summer.

>Subject: Re: McKinley: spindle's end
>Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2000 00:34:38 EST
>One quick comment, Eli's last message reminded me. In one of the Year's
>Best Fantasy and Horror anthologies (don't remember which one; I'll check
>once I get back to the library), there's a Judith Tarr short story called I
>Sing of a Maiden. At least, I'm fairly sure that's it. I've re-read it
>several times- it's sooo good! Has anyone else read it? (If you don't
>remember, it would be the story with the "dotty American lady writer" and
>Middle-Ages priest, set at some great cathedral, the specifics of which I
>forget. Ring any bells?)
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