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From: ShanChan <>
Date: Wed Mar 08 2000 - 20:38:37 PST

I am waiting for the video from my sister. I don't have a VCR and it was on
the same time as the X-Files...
It looks pretty good though. My sister was wondering if she could buy the
poster from the tv ads, with the city on top and castle below. Any ideas

On 8 Mar 00 14:08:59 PST, wrote:

> BTW, I'm new to this list...I've lurked for a little while...
> Re: 10th Kingdom--
> When I saw the ad trailers on NBC, I thought that it would be
> network and they weren't really playing up story as much as cast... a
> too commercial in my opinion.
> However, when I did end up checking it out, I liked it...I also heard
that it
> was written with the intention of being more intelligent than the general
> of network tv...thus, of course, 10th Kingdom got poor ratings, and I
> it...
> Regan
> wrote:
> Did everybody watch the 10Th Kingdom TV last week? What did y'all think?
> thought it was a little boring at first, but then I started really
> into it. Now I'm hoping for a series or something!
> Cimmorene
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