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From: Katherine Hartsough <>
Date: Wed Jan 26 2000 - 17:25:30 PST

   Those are the only ones she has written of that type, as far as I know.
She has written at least two other series, which are in the fantasy genre, I
think. I don't know how they compare. She also co-wrote the Golden Key
with Melanie Rawn and someone else, I think. I love Lady of the Forest and
Lady of the Glen. I haven't yet read Lady of Sherwood. Is it as good as
the other two? I was interested in the fact that she chose hero's with
white hair in both those books (or was Robin's just white-blond?). Any

>From: Betty <>
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>Subject: McKinley: new author!!
>Date: 26 Jan 00 19:53:16 EST
>I just discovered Jennifer Roberson! Has anyone else read her Robin
>Marian books, Lady of Sherwood and Lady of the Forest? They were so good,
>deprived me of several nights' sleep! I'm going to look into some of the
>others she's written, too.
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