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From: Betty <>
Date: Tue Jan 18 2000 - 17:30:33 PST wrote:
> hi...this has nothing to do with robin, but since people have been using
this list to talk about personal problems, and since i'm feeling very confused
right now, i thought i'd use it for that, too... so does anyone out there know
anything about clinical depression or anxiety disorder/ocd? it feels strange
writing about this over email, but i'm feeling very isolated and would really
appreciate any words of advice on how to cope with these sorts of things - i'm
not saying i need a medical opinion, just any words of comfort on how to cope
with major life difficulties would do...i'm not really sure what i'm asking,
but if anyone feels like writing, i would be really grateful.

Cameron, I know that there are on-line lists to support OCD; if you're
interested, I can give you some names to hook you up. Contact me off-line, OK?
Meanwhile if you want to vent to someone, I'm here. God bless...


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