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> Betty,
> What is Zel

Sorry, Marie. Some of us on here talked about it a while ago; I tend to forget
that an on-line community ebbs and flows. It's a book about Rapunzel, by Donna
Jo Napoli. She's also written some other fairy tale retells, including The
Magic circle (Hansel & Gretel's witch... dark, for older readers), Sirena (the
siren mermaids of myth), Spinners (Rumpelstiltskin), Crazy Jack (Jack & the
Beanstalk), The Hero of Barletta (a story about a giant who saves a town), The
Prince in the Pond (a comic retake on the Frog Prince story), and Jimmy, the
Pickpocket of the Palace (sequel to Prince).

I have only read Zel and Confessions, but have intentions to read at least a
couple of the others, although I don't like Napoli as much as some other


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