McKinley: princess amarantha?

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Date: Wed Dec 22 1999 - 12:44:07 PST

did i imagine it, or is there a short story called "princess amarantha," and if there is, who wrote it and what is it about? (someone just told me that in mythology an amaranth is a flower that never fades, so that's when i thought i remembered to the name of the story...) p.s. - i haven't been using this email address for the past four months, and there were some personal messages from you robin fans on it when i finally checked my mail a few days ago, but somehow in the meantime my computer has eaten them, so i'm sorry for all y'all that i don't reply to - please try me again, but if i don't respond, it's probably cuz my aol has crashed yet again...(and my cslynn college address doesn't work anymore, either, cuz i just graduated!:)

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