McKinley: OT continue to pray, please

From: Betty <>
Date: Fri Dec 03 1999 - 18:35:43 PST

I got the results from the miriluma x-ray this morning. There is definitely a
lump and the surgeon is doing a needle biopsy on Tuesday at 1430 EST. (2:30 pm
for you non-military-minded). Stay tuned...


P.S. To make a tough week worse (Lisa will be gone 6 yrs the day after the
Army/Navy game), my son's pregnant fiancee packed up and went back to her
parents (hopefully only temporaryily), my dad is sick, and my 15 yo got a
Saturday school for skipping two classes and is flunking Spanish. My big
brother, who is one of my supports, is overseas and won't be back until after
the biopsy. And my husband's company is doing end-of-the-year inventory, so
he's already stressed.

OK, I'm done whining now <grin>! GO NAVY!!!

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