McKinley: the borrowers & the littles

From: Betty <>
Date: Fri Oct 15 1999 - 20:04:53 PDT (Marie Bowen) wrote:
> I don't know about the 1973 movie, but the cartoon, The Littles, was
> based on The Borrowers by Mary Norton. There is a whole series of books
> about these little people. The movie that just came out recently was
> also based on the books.

Dear Marie,

Sorry to diagree with you, but the Littles cartoon was inspired by the John
Peterson book series by the same name, which were not based on Norton's books.
I say that because I heard Peterson speak years ago at a writers' workshop and
someone in the audience asked about the cartoon show (in the works at the
time) and his book inspiration and he said specifically that neither were
inspired by the Borrowers AT ALL. I doubted it somewhat at the time, but hey,
he was the author, he should know!

As for the Borrower movies, the 1973 movie as well as the more recent one were
both inspired by Norton's Borrowers books. My 13 yo daughter saw the recent
one and said it was good.

Hope that clears up the confusion. (And Littles have tails, while Borrowers
don't. In case anyone cares...)


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