McKinley: the borrowers/tammy grimes/the last unicorn

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Date: Sat Oct 09 1999 - 17:52:20 PDT

has anyone seen the 1973 movie "the borrowers"? is it the same story that robin mentions in "a knot in the grain"? wasn't "the borrowers" also made into a movie again just a few years ago, or did i imagine that? and what about that t.v. cartoon "the littles"...was that based on "the borrowers," too? anyway, i was just looking for info on tammy grimes, who did the voice of "molly grue" in "the last unicorn" and saw that she was in the 1973 movie "the borrowers," so that's where all this started...anyone seen any other good movies with tammy grimes in them? and while i'm on the subject of _the last unicorn_, does anyone know where i can find an explanation of all the literary allusions in that book?
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