Re: McKinley: bookfinder, etc?

From: Eli Grantaire <>
Date: Sun Sep 05 1999 - 07:07:48 PDT

>Oh yeah, I also liked "A Door In the Hedge" which was her other story
>collection. After "A Knot In The Grain" I didn't even bother to read
>"Imaginary Lands" which only has one RM story anyway. Did anybody read
>"Imaginary Lands" ? Did you like it?

I actually liked Imaginary Lands. I can't even remember which story was
hers in it, right off the top of my head, and I know I skipped completely
Peter Dickinson's story, but there were a couple of other really really good
stories in that collection. Most notably, the version of Tam Lin. I don't
remember who wrote it, only that I loved it and would check out Imaginary
Lands from the library over and over again just to read that one story. A
Knot in the Grain really wasn't as good as A Door in the Hedge, though I
loved Buttercups. I guess they really just weren't long enough . . .

--eli : )

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