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Date: Tue Aug 03 1999 - 08:39:22 PDT

wow, eli, so you've corresponded with robin? (i'm not brave enough to try
that yet!) so which of elizabeth moon's books did she/do you recommend? (i
think the main one i've heard of is _paksenarion_(sp?)
so robin is friends with peter s. beagle? - maybe she first got to know him
by writing him fan mail the way some of y'all write to her :) is peter
beagle very reclusive - i haven't been able to find much bio info on him -
does he live in england? is he expatriot-american like robin or is he
british? anything else about him that my obsessive-fan-mind should know?

i'm honored that my screen-name appeared in the dreams of a robin-fan, by the
way!(i can't remember which of you mentioned that - but when i go back to
college this fall my aol may collapse and i may change from amessygurl back
to boring old am i the only one obsessive enough to
actually dream about robin sometimes? once i dreamt that she lived right next
door to me and she and i would walk our dogs around the neighborhood
together! don't worry, i've only had 2 or 3 dreams about her in my life - i'm
not hopelessly obessed!
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