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From: John Clapp <>
Date: Tue Jul 20 1999 - 11:36:33 PDT

There have been many illustrated Bibles in the 20th century, but none that
included the entire Bible. (Old-New Testament, etc.) illustrated by the
same artist. The last artist to do so was Gustav Dore in 1865.

(I must admit the only reason I know this is I interviewed Barry for my
masters thesis and he corrected me too.)

What makes the project incredible to me, is the volume of it...his Bible has
233 illustrations--this while he's doing 3-4 picture books a year! (Most
artists do 1-2 books as a full-time career) Anyone who likes illustrated
books ought to check it out.

John Clapp

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>Sorry to contradict you, but Salvador Dali did an illustrated bible in the

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