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Date: Wed Jul 07 1999 - 07:51:37 PDT

to reply to my own message: i forgot about "the red shoes"! i remember seeing
a video version of the ballet when i was younger, so i'll have to rent it
again. are faerie tales the subject of many ballets? which reminds me,
margaret atwood's "the handmaid's tale" uses elements of "the red shoes" as
well as of "little red riding hood" - but don't go out and rent it/read it
expecting a good old fashioned faerie tale - it's about a futuristic dystopia
ruled by religious fundamentalists!
        has anyone seen the movie version of jeannette winterson's "oranges
are not the only fruit" - i think it was televised by the BBC before it went
to video? it might have some faerie-tale elements in it since some of jw's
other stories do...
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