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Date: Fri Jun 11 1999 - 10:59:57 PDT

Ms. Mckinley is working on a sequal to Hero, but at this time the release
date is unknown. I don't even know if it has a title yet. After all, the
title for Rose Daughter was changed just before release. Books in Print has
listed the sequel for over a year now, as "Sequel to Hero and the Crown" or
something like that. And I doubt inquiring at Greenwillow will turn up
further news. But cheer up, in an interview for a book on young adult
literature, Ms. McKinley talks about the sequel. She says that the sequel
was meant to be a single book folowing Aerin after events in Hero, but is
has become so large that is will be two or three books (I forget which). If
anyone in interested, I believe the title of the book is "Presenting Young
Adult Fantasy Fiction" by Cathi Dunn MacRae. The book is very good, if
very scholarly, and there are some other good interviews in it as well as an
entire section on Robin's books. However, it may be difficult to find, as I
borrowed it from my university library. If anyone has trouble finding it,
mail me and I could be persuaded to post the interview here. -Sarah

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