McKinley: Fwd: New Virus Alert

From: Betty <>
Date: Fri Jun 11 1999 - 04:39:47 PDT

I got this from a group I belong to and thought I'd better pass it on.


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attached mail follows:

We just learned about a new virus that has run rampant since this weekend.
DO NOT RUN "PrettyPark.exe" if it is sent to you. Delete it immediately!

The virus has increased over 2000 percent since last Friday. It is a worm
with Trojan capabilities. It forwards itself to the addresses from a
victim's address book, so it will appear to come from someone you know.

Again, do not OPEN or RUN "PrettyPark.exe" if it appears in your e-mail.

Our source has researched it further at various virus sites and it does
appear to be a new, legitimate worm. Most antivirus vendors have not even
released a scanner and patch for it yet. Heed the warning and don't run
the attached file called "prettypark.exe".

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