McKinley: peter's new book

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Date: Fri Jun 04 1999 - 17:40:55 PDT

i just finished peter's new book, _some deaths before dying_, and it was incredible! there's a great picture of peter on the back cover(taken by robin, of course - even better than the picture she took of him for _the lion tamer's daughter_). there's also one character in the book whose spouse is obsessed with star trek (maybe a little inside teasing of robin and her obsession?) anyway, i don't want to give anything away(since it is a mystery, after all), but there's one quotation in the book that i can't place: "A voice that has no moisture and no breath/ Breathless mouths may summon" - does anyone know the source (for all i know, peter made it up himself, but within the context of the book it is presented as a literary allusion...)? p.s. to maren - if you happen to run into robin while you're in england, please tell her to come visit virginia sometime!:)
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