McKinley: ratings (again)

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Date: Tue May 04 1999 - 16:23:45 PDT

Ok, here I am with the ratings again. This time it's on authors. Now I know
that Robin McKinley is THE best, and if not- one of best, so I didn't include
her. The rating system is: 1-10 [if you like it better that way, Cimmorene
:)], 10 being the best, and 0 if you haven't read any books by the author OR
you don't remember.

Tanith Lee (her fantazy novels: Black/Gold/Red Unicorn, etc.) -- 7
Peter Dickinson -- 0 (I feel guilty not even trying Robin's husband's
Ursula LeGuin -- 0 (Couldn't start the book)
Patricia A. McKillip (Star Bearer Trilogy, Forgotten Beasts of Eld) -- 9
(like someone said before -- "she writes poetry')
Patricia C. Wrede -- 7
Holly Lisle (Glenraven, Diplomacy of Wolves) -- 8
Anne McCaffrey (HarperHall Trilogy, Pern) -- 6 (Got bored of the whole thing
after a few books)
Jane Yolen ('Briar Rose', which I haven't read yet, 'Sister Light, Sister
Dark') -- 4

I could go on and on with the authors. But I don't intend to bore you.

Sofia :D
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