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 would you be able to confirm the name fo the book that
>Marsh Tales appears in. I checked for Robin and didn't find any
>new books and tried that moon title mentioned before but they don't state
>that Robin's a contributor.

the name of the book is _silver birch, blood moon_ - robin isn't an
editor(terri windling and ellen datlow are the editors) but the book does
contain her story, "marsh-magic"(and once you get the book you'll see that
she is listed as a contributor on the front cover, though amazon may not
say so) - anyway, here's the info from amazon(NB: even tho amazon says
"march 1999," it is available now - i just ordered it from them and got it
Silver Birch, Blood Moon
                    by Ellen Datlow (Editor), Terri Windling (Editor)
                                 List Price: $13.50
                                 Our Price: $10.80
                                 You Save: $2.70 (20%)

                                 Availability: Usually ships within 24 hours.

                    Paperback - 384 pages Vol 5 (March 1999)
                    Avon; ISBN: 0380786222
           Sales Rank: 46,550

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