Re: McKinley: New story!!

From: Arahasae <>
Date: Tue Feb 16 1999 - 17:46:52 PST

After excitedly reading about a NEW STORY, I ran out to my local big chain
Barnes & Noble superstore (though I prefer my local Powell's Book's) and
bought the anthology--Silver Birch, Blood Moon--by Windling and Datlow.
Robin's story is called "Marsh-Magic" and it is quite long. I
won't give anything away about the plot lines, but it is nice and long for
a short story. You all know it is going to be good stuff.
        However, in the little intro at the beginning, it is written that
Robin and her husband, Peter Dickinson, are collaborating on a "joint
anthology of 'wet stories,'" all water-magic stuff. SO there is more to
come and to look forward to!
        Happy reading & writing-

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