McKinley: New story!!

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Date: Mon Feb 15 1999 - 00:14:20 PST

It appears that Robin has a new story out in the Windling/Datlow anthology "Silver Birch, Blood Moon". This book is the fifth in a series of six. All of them contain stories based on fairy tales, so unless Robin's contribution is a reprint of "The Twelve Dancing Princesses", it's brand new!! I ordered it from Amazon, and it says it should ship in 24 hours, except there's that damned president's day thing, so it probably really won't ship until Tuesday...grr.
By the way, I found this on Terri's very cool Endicott Studio website at Endicott Studio is devoted to literature, music, and art inspired by folklore!! Very exciting for me...I recently decided to get a doctorate in folklore.

Maren Williams
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