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>As an interesting side note, Captain Mark Phillips in his book "On Riding"
>(35-36) shows how to vault on. He says that since he hurt his back, he
>put his foot in the stirrup iron and it's the only way he can mount. He
>the secret is to jump, pull with the right arm and push with the left all
>the same time. Hmmm... I'm not that strong or coordinated. :) (When riding
>bareback, I use the less graceful "jump onto my stomach then slither around
>until I'm upright" method. <g>)
Mounting bareback works pretty well you just take a running jump too.
Thats what I always do, although my mare is VERY patient and 15.0 hands.
Not high strung and huge like Harry's Tsornin or Arin's Talat would have
been. Even the thought of riding a horse like that, with bridle and saddle,
makes my legs hurt.

BTW: Does McKinley ever make a definite statement about what breed the Hill
horses are? To me they sound like Arabians or TB, but I might be wrong. (It
has happened before :)


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