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From: Eli Grantaire <>
Date: Sat Nov 14 1998 - 11:14:57 PST

>My name is Rob Altieri. I am a junior at longwood College in farmville
> i am currently taking a class in Children's literature and have chosen
>Robin McKinley as my author share project. I was wondering if anyone
>of a picture or a way that I could speak with ms McKinley. It would
>greatly enhance my research. thank you for your time.
>Rob Altieri

Dear Rob,

I found a mailing address to her editor in one of those children's
authors reference books. I cannot remember which series of books it was
now; it was a long time ago. Hopefully, you know the types of books I
am referring to. They're the ones with a bit of information on the
author's history and some of the books she's written and such. One of
the series (not the one with the address, though) has a picture of her
in it as well. I wish I could be more specific. I hope this is helpful


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