Re: McKinley: Fairytale Series by Terri Windling

From: alai <>
Date: Mon Jun 01 1998 - 20:24:22 PDT

>Also, has anyone read any of those fairytale anthologies edited by Terri
>Windling and Ellen Datlow - "Ruby Slippers, Golden Tears", "White Raven,
>Black Swan", "Armless Maidens" and the other ones whose names I forget?
"Black Thorn, White Rose", "Snow White, Blood Red"... I've the second in
the anthologies, "Black Thorn, White Rose", and its rather good..
Unfortunatly can't find the others, or when I do, I don't have the money to
purchase them.. Also, "Tam Lin", by Pamela Dean, is a nice retelling of the
Scottish Ballad (and is a member of the fairy tale series started by Terri

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