Re: McKinley: Deerskin warnings?

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Date: Thu May 28 1998 - 16:07:56 PDT

I'd have to agree, a short note about how it tells the "old version" of
the fairy tale or the darker version... I knew the original fairy tale so
I wasn't surprised, but it was still really sad/shocking to actually read.
It is such a departure from her other books, a warning for younger readers
might be in order...
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 On Thu, 28 May 1998, Damien R. Sullivan wrote:

> I got this e-mail today. I find the site does imply a dark aspect to the
> book, and don't think I would have wanted to know what would happen when I
> first read the books. Should I put up something more explicit?
> -xx- Damien X-)
> ---
> Dear Damien Sullivan
> I have read many of Robin's books (Beauty, The Blue Sword, The Hero
> and the Crown, A Knot in the Grain, Rose Daughter) and have really liked
> them. I have also read Dearskin. It was a totaly unexpected surprise. It
> was NOT a nice one. I got the title from your Robin McKinley web site and
> nowhere do you mention that it is about a girl who runs away becouse her
> father rapes her. This is NOT a book for children or young adults; I am
> 16. It is a very dramatic and emotional book. It is very well writen but I
> find that makes it even worse. PLEASE put a warning by the title of the book
> on your site. I have been reading Robin's book since I was 9 and am very glad
> I did not come across Dearskin any earlier. It is not a book I would like to
> see any 9 year old tricked into reading and not only is there no warning on
> your web site, there is no warning on the book it's self. I repeat: PLEASE
> put a warning on your site.

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