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From: Jennifer Moore <>
Date: Sat May 16 1998 - 21:02:29 PDT

On 16 May 98 at 17:51, Cimmorene Cimmorene <> wrote:

> I vet if a bunch of people started ordering the book, they would HAVE to do
> something about it. Maybe we should all put in our order!

Perhaps we should sit back and hope that she doesn't suffer from writer's
block. Forced writing doesn't flow as nicely as real writing, and we don't
want a disappointing end product. :)

Btw, the lady I talked to at Greenwillow was surprised that Amazon was already
taking orders. Since Amazon is not collecting money for the advance orders,
they are probably just using the number of orders to estimate how many copies
they'll initially need to have in stock when the book does come out. The
preorders are nice, though; I used the service when Anne McCaffrey's
"Masterharper of Pern" was due out and received my copy before the local
bookstore had it. (Speaking of which, McKinley fans will probably enjoy Anne's
"An Exchange of Gifts", "No One Noticed the Cat" and "Black Horses for the


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