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Date: Fri May 15 1998 - 17:37:07 PDT

On 15 May 98 at 9:34, Amy Anderson Amy Anderson <>

> >> >because they got it from Greenwillow. but it's not coming out, really.
> read Robin's letter.
> But she still could have written a book because even she said that when an
> idea comes to her she writes it just like Rose's Daughter.Plus why would all
> of these book companies list a non-existant book.

I called Greenwillow Books to get the definitive answer. They do have a
contract with her for the book, but they haven't received the manuscript yet.
Greenwillow assigns the ISBN when the contract is signed, which is why it is
in Books in Print, and probably why Amazon and Bookstacks are taking orders. I
didn't think to ask when the contract calls for the delivery of the manuscript,
but since contracts are legally binding, there should eventually be another
Damar book. Someone else can call and ask when. :)

(The phone number can be easily found from a New York phone directory.
Greenwillow is a division of William Marrow (sp?). )

I hope this is useful info for everyone. :)

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