McKinley: more dogs(esp. whippets)

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Date: Thu Apr 30 1998 - 14:24:10 PDT

we might actually be adopting a whippet! i'm so excited, and it wasn't even my idea, it was my mom's! the only problem is, do whippets need a lot of land to roam? we only have about 1 acre of yard/woods, but at least it's away from the highway...what are whippets' temperments like - are they affectionate(i know Ash was)?(and i take it they're relatively smart or robin wouldn't like them so much). p.s. - did robin have whippets before she met peter or did he introduce her to them(did she write _rowan_, about a whippet, before peter?) i haven't read _rowan_ - does anyone know why the whippet's name is "rowan"? the only thing i know about rowan trees is that they're protection against witches and they're supposed to calm skittery horses...p.p.s. - is peter's book about whippets(i think it's called chuck and danielle) worth reading(i know some of you out there think everything of peter's is worth reading)?p.p.p.s.-would it be too obsessive to name my whippet "Ash"?(even if ash was!
n't technically a whippet)
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